Chakra Light Therapy

Chakra Light Therapy sessions use specific frequencies of light, each attuned to one of the seven primary chakras or energy centers in the body, to replenish energy and balance and attune them. In addition to precisely tuned wavelengths of light, our chakra light system incorporates three specially cut quartz crystals into each light housing, focusing the light into the chakra.

Colored light has been shown to have a variety of positive effects on mood and health. The lower frequencies of light penetrate the body, while the higher frequencies stimulate the skin and aura. Color therapy is an ancient system of healing. Our system allows for its precise application using technology that pinpoints particular wavelengths of light to specifically treat the chakra system.

Our chakra light therapy session is offered as a stand-alone treatment, but can be combined with our Mind Gym services or you may add crystals to your session for additional therapeutic benefits.

Chakra light therapy sessions are 30 minutes. Appointments are recommended.