Crystal Readings

Naisha Ahsian is the creator of The Crystal Ally Cards and has been using this intuitive tool since 1994 to provide professional intuitive readings to clients around the world. The Crystal Ally Cards were the first crystal based oracle deck on the market and have continued to be a best seller for over 20 years. Naisha’s amazing artwork integrates photos of the stones with visionary images designed to energetically reflect the vibrational properties of each stone.

You can watch Naisha’s monthly energy updates on her Youtube channel to experience just how powerful and accurate The Crystal Ally Cards can be in communicating with crystalline and Gaia consciousness to receive insight and deeper understanding of life situations.

A reading with Naisha is an hour-long, recorded journey to explore your life and energy patterns more deeply, and to explore which crystals and stones are most suitable for your energy and purposes.

Readings are done via phone or internet, and in-person readings can be scheduled in Sedona (by appointment only). You receive a recording of the reading for download to your computer (phone and internet readings only).

Please use the schedule link in the menu to reserve your reading appointment!