Crystal Resonance Therapy Sessions

Crystal Resonance Therapy is a modality of clinical crystal healing developed by Naisha Ahsian over 30 years of practice and research in vibrational and somatic therapies.

Crystal Resonance Therapy works to balance the energy systems of the body by using the electromagnetic and healing properties of crystals and minerals. By laying the crystals on the body, your bioenergy field (aura) and electromagnetic field interact with the stones and the Earth’s energy field to initiate balance, clearing and repair of your vibratory systems which include the chakras and meridians.

Many people experience deep relaxation, consciousness expansion, sudden insights, communications from their spiritual guides, awareness of shifts in emotional patterns or release of attachment to past experiences. This “reset” of your vibratory systems provides you with a full range of natural energies that can be used by the body, mind and spirit to experience optimal states.

Sessions are one hour. An appointment is required.