Mind Gym

Change your mind at the Mind Gym at Naisha’s Crystal Experience!

Our Mind Gym programs feature the Kasina Mind Media System by MindPlace.

Historically, “Kasina” refers to a system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind and produce higher states of consciousness.

The Kasina uses colored light and sound to help entrain your brain into the brain state you choose– from deep meditation to high awareness and focus, to gentle trance states. This “exercises” your brain, making it easier for you to reach those states in your own meditative practice.

Our Kasina system uses deep field Ganz color & light goggles, allowing you to have an immersive experience in occular color therapy with open eyes. As you gently gaze ahead, the pulsating color therapy is delivered directly through your occular nerve to your brain. The colored lights pulse in tandem with audible binaural and/or isochronic sound frequencies, delivered via noise cancelling headphones.

Binaural beat technology uses sound pulses to help entrain the brain to specific brain states. This technology has been in use for over 100 years and is proven to assist the brain in shifting state. The binaural beat track is combined with meditative music. In some of our programs, isochronic sounds are used instead of binaural beat techology. Isochronic sounds are simple beats (similar to drumbeats) that help the brain to shift its state.

Together, the pulsing color and sound encourage your brain to shift its state to match the sound and light pulse frequency. This can be therapeutic for people who have difficulty meditating due to a busy brain or who have ADD, those who wish to increase their focus or energize their mind, or those who wish to increase seratonin uptake in the brain and stimulate the natural production of the visionary molecule DMT in the brain. Depending upon the effect you wish to experience, various programs are available to stimulate everything from high awareness and focus to deep meditation.

In addition to the entrainment benefits of the Kasina software, Naisha has developed special programs that include subliminal conditioning and/or guided meditation to enrich the experience. If you wish to take advantage of your deeper brain state, you can add a subliminal conditioning program that will assist you with a variety of intentions, from consciousness expansion and connection with guides, deepening your relationship to the mineral kingdom and crystal consciousness, to physical healing, addiction release, or releasing the past. If you choose to train using a subliminal or meditation program, a download of the audio for the program will be available to you to download, so that you may continue your conditioning after the session.

Sessions in our Mind Gym range in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Appointments are recommended.